Amelia Park-A Traditional Neighborhood Development on Amelia Island, Florida by Libby and Clyde Wilkes.

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This production is a walking video tour of Amelia Park and all of its attributes, including Town Square and Pavilion, Garden District Homes and Walkways, Church and Neighborhood Association Meeting Facility, YMCA and varied styles of homes in different areas. This "New Urban" design was created in the early 1990's with construction beginning in late 1990's. There is still ongoing construction. A Montessori School is due for construction in the northeast corner of the development on School Street.

The development is centrally located on the Island and is less than a mile from the beaches and Atlantic Ocean. And, to the west it is only a few miles to the marsh area and Intracoastal Waterway. Amelia Park is within city limits of Fernandina Beach, Florida. There is easy walkable access to multiple shopping centers with full range of retail goods and services. Medical facilities including hospital and emergency services are less than a mile away.

This is a great place to live for active working families as well as retired persons. There is much interconnectivity with multiple walkways, sidewalks and common areas as well as numerous events at Town Square. An active social culture exists among neighbors with numerous planned events, book clubs and other active groups. Front porches for homes is the rule and cars, driveways and garages are in the rear. Interactivity among neighbors is paramount in the development and has been encouraged since the beginning.

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